Personal Security

Personal Security in Austin, Texas

Many executives, high-profile individuals and celebrities face unprecedented corporate and personal risks that require a higher level of security planning, coordination and management. Echelon Limo provides highly trained, 24/7 personal security services to the Austin, Texas area.

Our highly trained celebrity security and bodyguard services are provided by U.S. Security Services and are designed to be discreet and minimize risk while maximizing protections and mobility. We can provide officers in plain clothes to assist you in remaining unseen until needed. Sometimes you don’t need an obvious front-man in uniform to draw attention to you, but rather one who operates discreetly, allowing you to blend in.

Keeping You Out of Harm’s Way

Through Echelon Limousine Service in Austin, Texas, you can take advantage of the U.S. Security Service’s full range of discreet personal and professional executive protection services. No matter where your travels take you, we can provide you your own 24/7 personal security team to keep you and those you care about safe.

Echelon can arrange for classic sedans, SUVs, limousines, armored vehicles, private jet charters, VIP tours, concierges, dinner and show reservations and more. We provide highly trained armed and unarmed plain clothes bodyguards to keep you out of harm’s way at all times and in any location.

Contact Us

To contact the U.S. Security Service, call 321-872-8765; for Echelon Limousine Service in Austin, call 512-219-9447.

Maximum Protection and

We Specialize In:

  • Executive Protection
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Anti-Terrorist Protection

US Security Service Personal Protection Officers Are:

  • Highly Trained and Discreet
  • Experts at Hand to Hand Combat
  • Armed Escorts (Body Guards)
  • Chauffeur Body Guard
  • (Licensed Chauffeurs & PPO’s)